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We like it easy, that's why we have only one plan.

Decide for yourself whether you want to pay annually or biennially in advance.

What's it going to cost?

The use of this Cryptshare license is reserved for companies with a maximum of 25 employees.
If your company employs more people, we would be happy to advise you on finding the right license for you.
CS-Sales@equinoxe.com, +49 761 / 3839-30


2 Year Subscription

per month/user

excl. VAT

€ 120 per mailbox, paid in advance

1 Year Subscription

per month/user

excl. VAT

€ 96 per mailbox, paid in advance

Transparent terms
  • Find out if Cryptshare.express meets your requirements - With the free 7-day trial
  • You won’t be charged today - Subscription begins after free trial
  • No set-up fee
  • One-year or Two-year subscription
  • Can be cancelled up to four weeks before the subscribed period ends
  • Secure and easy payment with credit card or direct debit

Both payment intervals include...

a million times proven and easy to use software solution for secure communication.

Comprehensive list of features
  • Send and receive large files
  • Send and receive secure emails
  • Recall transfers in Outlook and Web App
  • High user acceptance due to self-explanatory user interface
  • Your communication partners don't need their own Cryptshare e-mail user accounts
  • Neither you nor your communication partners need to exchange certificates or keys to communicate
  • Up to 10 GB file size per transfer
  • Virus check of transferred files
  • Encrypted file storage on server
  • Encryption of subject line
  • 10 days transfer retention period, after that your data will be deleted automatically and irretrievably
  • Usable without having your own IT infrastructure
  • High level of security, as all transfers are protected by one-time passwords
  • Downloads are blocked for 60 minutes, if the wrong transfer password is entered too often
  • Operation on reliable hosting infrastructure, ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant hosted in Germany.
Fulfill central requirements of the GDPR with Cryptshare
  • Send and receive encrypted e-mails
  • Right of access by the data subject and right to rectification using Cryptshare
  • Data protection settings at a high level ... including those for outgoing e-mails
  • Right to be forgotten / Data Cleanup Rules
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Right to data portability and Cryptshare
  • Cloud services and the processing of data relating to orders (order data processing)
Comprehensive range of integrations
  • Cryptshare Web App
  • Cryptshare for Outlook
  • Cryptshare.express browser-integrations
  • All Cryptshare software updates for the listed integrations above
  • All mentioned integrations are available to you and your communication partners

Pay securely - communicate securely

Visa or Master Card
SEPA Debit
IT made in Germany
Alliance for Cybersecurity
Software hosted in Germany