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We like it easy, that's why we have only one plan.

Decide for yourself whether you want to pay in advance annually or monthly.

Annual payment

$ 5
per month/user

excl. VAT

$ 60 per mailbox per year, paid annually in advance

Monthly payment

$ 8
per month/user

excl. VAT

$ 96 per mailbox per year, paid monthly in advance

Transparent terms
  • No set-up fee
  • Annual subscription
  • Can be cancelled up to four weeks before the subscribed period ends
  • Secure and easy payment with credit card or direct debit

Both variants include...

a million times proven and easy to use software solution for secure communication.

Comprehensive list of features
  • Send and receive large files
  • Send and receive secure e-mails
  • High user acceptance due to self-explanatory user interface
  • Your communication partners don't need their own Cryptshare e-mail user accounts
  • Neither you nor your communication partners need to exchange certificates or keys to communicate
  • Up to 2 GB file size per transfer
  • Virus check of transfered files
  • Encrypted file storage on server
  • Encryption of subject line
  • 10 days transfer retention period, after that your data will be deleted automatically and irretrievably
  • Usable without having your own IT infrastructure
  • High level of security, as all transfers are protected by one-time passwords
  • Downloads are blocked for 60 minutes, if the wrong transfer password is entered too often
  • Operation on reliable IBM cloud infrastructure, GDPR compliant hosted in Germany.
    Dutch Cryptshare.express customers are hosted in Amsterdam.
Fulfill central requirements of the GDPR with Cryptshare
  • Send and receive encrypted e-mails
  • Right of access by the data subject and right to rectification using Cryptshare
  • Data protection settings at a high level ... including those for outgoing e-mails
  • Right to be forgotten / Data Cleanup Rules
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Right to data portability and Cryptshare
  • Cloud services and the processing of data relating to orders (order data processing)
Comprehensive range of integrations
  • Cryptshare Web application
  • Cryptshare for Office 365 & Outlook
  • Cryptshare.express browser-integrations
  • All Cryptshare software updates for the listed integrations above
  • All mentioned integrations are available to you and your communication partners

Pay securely - communicate securely

SEPA Debit
Alliance for Cybersecurity
TeleTrusT - IT Security made in Germany
Software hosted in Germany
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