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All about Cryptshare.express

Sending confidential information and large files securely in the course of your daily business has been made easier than ever.

With greater ease of use and fewer IT requirements, you can start securing critical business communication immediately, right now – you just need an email address and a web browser.

Cryptshare.express is a Secure Transport Service for your most critical business data in motion.

Use it ‘On demand, anytime, anywhere’.

This is Cryptshare as a service – this is Cryptshare.express!

More than 21 years of experience in email security and the transfer of large files distilled into a few simple steps.

How to sign up and order

Learn step by step how easy it is to create a business account and subscribe email users on Cryptshare.express.

What you get

Cryptshare Web App

Available at anytime, for all modern browsers.

Cryptshare for Outlook

Benefit from all of Cryptshare's advantages in Outlook.


With a small icon in your favorite browser, Cryptshare is always just one click away.






Benefit from Cryptshare.express' many advantages – right after you subscribed

No set-up fee
Can be cancelled up to four weeks before the subscribed period ends
Secure and easy payment with credit card or direct debit
Exchange of large files
Send and receive secure emails
Recall transfers in Outlook and Web App
Your communication partners don't need their own Cryptshare email user accounts
Up to 10 GB file size per transfer
10 days transfer retention period
Usable without having your own IT infrastructure
Cryptshare Web App
Cryptshare for Outlook
Cryptshare.express browser-integrations
All Cryptshare software updates for the listed integrations above

Who is this service for?

If you are a small company with 25 employees or fewer you will love Cryptshare.express. All companies that need to exchange business data face legal requirements such as GDPR, industrial espionage, or random breaches, constantly increasing the demands for security.

For companies with more than 25 employees, our on-prem software solution offers a variety of operation modes.

If you are responsible for digital communication in your company, for IT infrastructure, data handling or perhaps, storage systems, you will find that Cryptshare.express, which is based on a proven easy-to-use solution for secure communication, will be a valuable part of your IT security armoury.

Cryptshare brings value and security across all industries and was built for the secure exchange of critical data and the transfer of files large and small.

It has been continuously improved and developed for over 12 years winning 4,000,000 satisfied users and more than 2,000+ corporate customers who benefit from the most feature-rich Cryptshare version yet.

In most cases it is installed on premise with many customisable features, however some are happy with a one-size-fits-all approach as an instant resolution to known issues of email.

For all those who want life to be even easier when it comes to the secure exchange of digital information, with Cryptshare.express this solution is now available as an on demand for service for the first time. 


What's it going to cost?

Available for up to 25 email users per Business Account.


Annual payment

per month/user

excl. VAT

€ 60 per mailbox per year, paid annually in advance

Monthly payment

per month/user

excl. VAT

€ 96 per mailbox per year, paid monthly in advance

Pay securely - communicate securely

Visa or Master Card
SEPA Debit
TeleTrusT - IT Security made in Germany
Alliance for Cybersecurity
Software hosted in Germany

Why are we offering this now?

As our client roster grows we hear of many different requirements.

For some this means using the many customisable features of Cryptshare in a unique installation, perfectly matched to the challenges and use cases of their enterprise.

In other cases a fast solution with clear and simple advantages is enough to begin with.

In each case we stand ready to discuss the best path for your enterprise, and if at any time you wish to switch from a one-size-fits-all-model to bespoke installation, we are here to help you.