Dentists must comply with data protection requirements to be allowed
to send patient data such as diagnostic reports and X-ray images.

In dental practices, dentists and dental assistants handle sensitive information on a daily basis: Patient data such as x-ray images or reports of findings. This information is a special type of personal data according to the GDPR.

It is subject to confidentiality and must be specially protected. Anyone who violates the confidential treatment of this data must expect penalties. They range from fines to imprisonment of up to one year. In addition, patients can claim damages.

Dentists must take all necessary measures to prevent unauthorised third parties from gaining knowledge of personal data.

This applies to paper files in the archive as well as to electronic files on the PC. In times of digitalisation, this is an increasing challenge for dentists, dental assistants, dental technicians or orthodontists and especially their trainees.

In times of chip cards and digital patient files, how do dentists ensure that sensitive data is only made available to authorised persons?

And how can this be done securely, quickly and easily?

The answer is: with!

The healthcare communicates securely with Cryptshare

Send patient data securely with

Sending confidential patient information, diagnostic reports, large X-ray images and 3D scans securely from your dental practice to patients, laboratories, dental technicians or health insurance companies is now asier than ever.

With greater ease of use and fewer practice IT requirements, you can start securing critical business communication immediately, right now – you just need an email address and a web browser. is a Secure Transport Service for your most critical business data in motion.

Use it ‘On demand, anytime, anywhere’.

This is Cryptshare as a service – this is!

More than 20 years of experience in email security and the transfer of large files distilled into a few simple steps.

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Cryptshare is a proven solution in healthcare sector

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Whitepaper Dataprotection in healthcare sector


Dataprotection in healthcare sector

How to meet compliance requirements

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Case study Contributing to the digitisation of healthcare

Case study

Contributing to the digitisation of healthcare

Since 2011, data had been sent securely with the web application and the API & Automation. For the decision in favour of Cryptshare in email crucial points were its simple operation integration to the company’s own data centre, its high level of security and ease of use in day to day use.

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